Storms That Make You Run to the Basement

storms send you to the basement

WOW!!! What a storm last night!!! Many times in my life I have heard the reference to clapping thunder and last was one of the few times I have heard it!!! My wife and I sat straight up in bed wondering if the hands of God were coming down and clapping in our bedroom because it was so loud!!! I love these storms!!!

A big thunderstorm has a majestic, eerie, and beautiful feel to it. Unfortunately, these large and sometimes beautiful storms can cause water, roof, and other types of property damage in your home, which can be costly to repair. You may even need to reach out to a water damage restoration company or a roofing contractor to assist you with repairs and so on. So, it’s not all as pleasant as it appears at first.

When the Storms Make You Run for The Basement…Due to Worry, Not for Shelter!

As I looked outside and saw water rushing in the backyard I began to think about how water is such an amazing life-giving source to so many things. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how something so beneficial and beautiful can cause so much damage. Then, I gasped for air as my next thought was “what about the sump pump?”!! I raced downstairs to the basement and with a sign of relief saw everything was working. In my six years of water damage restoration experience, I have witnessed the power and vast damage water can cause. Here, in the Midwest, we have many things that can cause water damage to our homes. For instance, there are storms that can damage windows and most importantly, the roofs of our homes. These types of storms could be a pain to deal with since we would then have to contact a Local Roofing Company to repair the damages caused by them. Similarly, hard rains put major stress on our basements, freezing temperatures test the strength of our pipes, and flash flooding is a battle many faces.

I have lived in Kansas City for the last eleven years and have seen many storms, floods and freezing weather hit our area. In our previous article, we discussed the top five home maintenance items to address during the fall. This article outlines maintenance items that will help prevent water damage and mold from developing in your home over the fall and winter months. These maintenance items are important steps in preventing water damage. However, there are times that water damage still occurs in your home. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You just simply need to know the steps to follow and who to call when you need help. These are the steps our certified technicians recommended you follow: