Premium Gutters: A Facade of Beauty

The Faulty Nature of Premium Gutters

Premium gutters are a common item on the luxury homes we service in the Kansas City metro area. We have noticed a common trend with many premium gutters. Especially some of the more luxurious “minimalist” designs. For example, we just completed a mold remediation project on a luxury home in a prestigious Mission Hills neighborhood. The home was recently remodeled. It was adorned with beautiful elements of design and quality both in and out of the home. The home was truly stunning! The home was outfitted with premium copper gutters.  The gutters beautifully accented the home and the new homeowner was very proud of them, as one of her favorite exterior features. The trendy minimalist design Upon further investigation into multiple mold and water damage areas inside of the home, they all pointed to the gutters being the source of water damage. The gutters did have a slight pitch problem but the majority of the issue was that the gutters were cut too short and the flashing was inferior due to prioritizing a sophisticated look over function. In the end, the homeowner came to despise the gutters due to the cost of repairs.  She eventually decided to have them replaced with a less artistic but practical style.

Posted by Ben Fetzer on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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Video Transcription of Premium Gutters: A Facade of Beauty that’s Faulty

Hey everybody. Another video here for you, I’m just got a lot of things on my mind concerning home maintenance today. I want to show you something. This is some guttering after seven inches of rain a couple of weeks ago. Everybody’s probably thinking about gutters because if that was part of your flooding than you’ve been digging into getting them replaced or repaired, or, they’re on the front and center on your mind. If you had some damage to your basement as a result of the heavy rains a few weeks ago to show you something here. This happens quick so that not that many leaves with the amount of leaves that are falling consistently right now. I can probably happen in just three, four or five days as far as the amount of leaves that’s started to collect to show you the style of guttering right here. , this is a very high end guttering. It’s like a half circle shape. And, um, it’s very expensive. It’s a really nice. It looks nice, but I’ll tell you one thing that I’ve seen with this style of guttering, not only do you need to keep them clean, like I was just showing you the leaf build up in there now, but you also the flashing where the water comes off the roof and goes into the gutter, if that isn’t done correctly, you can certainly have a roof issue or leak issue where water will come down and get behind the gutter, behind the flashing on the roof and start to come in the house.

So we just took out a really nice bathroom that had a nice marble shower because of that particular item. Simple guttering failure gutter wasn’t long enough. It wasn’t extended far enough below the valley of the roof line. And, we just had a splashing problem or it was splashing up and over and just coming into the house, so, gutters, there’s really serve a very important purpose beyond just being aesthetically pleasing. So if you are in the market for new gutters, larger gutters trying to do something different with your drainage because you’ve had water in your basement, you need to consider not only what they look like a but how well they’re gonna perform and, , whether everything is done properly. So maybe ask your contractor who’s putting on your new gutters, get an explanation of how it’s being done. Are you making sure that all the flashing is a landing in the right spot?

It’s pulling the water right to the gutter. I’d ask them if they’re sealing the gutters. It’s nice to run a bead of silicone on the joints or on the corners so that they don’t leak. And, just make sure the gutters are long enough that they’re under the house and under the roof adequately. , so if, if that isn’t the case, then you’ll be having more issues with drainage and things of that nature. So I hope this helps. This is all about gutters. , this little video cleaning amount, number one, I’m repairing them or replacing them with the right idea. , which is a good contractor with good reviews, but be asking lots of questions, getting them to communicate with you through the process. So you’re comfortable when it’s all over, they’ve done a proper job and they’ve got them installed correctly and they’re going to perform the way they’re supposed to do to keep water from getting in your house and also the downspouts so that they’re carrying the water away from the foundation far enough that you’re not having an issue with, water coming back close to your foundation and coming back in if you have a weak point in your concrete wall.

So that was my last point. Gathering for sure is important. I was going to say this, make sure it’s large enough. I don’t know why, but gutter contractors, I have a bad issue with putting on too small of a gutter. I was at a house yesterday with like a 40-foot span and like…a four-inch gutter with two downspouts, just not near enough. Got Her to handle that kind of volume of water. So, if it’s me, I did gutters two weeks ago in my own house I went and larger than they called for or larger than what they said it needed a because I want to make sure if I have heavy rain, um, and I do have a little debris that’s built up, the larger the better. So just some tips on guttering. Hopefully, that helps somebody. Beautiful Day. Nice and cool. And, hope you have a good day. Thanks Ben Fetzer, Fresh Start Restoration or Bye.

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