Conflict of Interest: Mold Testing and Remediation

conflict of interest

Should Mold Testing and Remediation be Done By the Same Company?

Here in Kansas City, there are a lot of mold remediation companies. Also, environmental testing companies that are performing both mold testing and remediation services.  This topic is still being debated. I feel it is necessary to initiate some renewed conversation about the potential complications or conflicts associated with this practice.  Ask a hand full of people what they think about this; their response will vary about what is the right approach.   Some in our industry believe that testing should be performed by an environmental specialist. Then the remediation should be done by a remediation specialist.  In other words, choose one or the other services and do not ever perform the other service.  The reality is most companies do not follow this train of thought.   I would like to discuss why these conflict of interest exists two examples of the conflict of interest.

The Conflict of Interest

  1. Potential for mold assessor to be overly aggressive in recommending remediation services. Or to exaggerate the scope of work needed to provide the largest remediation project possible in order to benefit himself or the company at large.  In other words, it is easy to find mold or exaggerate the extent of the contamination. If it profits those performing the assessment.  Also, the potential to misuse data is high. To persuade a customer to use their company for mold testing and remediation.
  2. The other real conflict of interest can take place when post-remediation testing is done by the same company who has performed the remediation.  For example, a company performs remediation services and then performs the post-remediation testing on its own work.  It is possible for that company to perform the testing and falsify the results. So that they do not fail any of their tests.  They would have the ability to be soft on themselves. In order to complete each project without having to redo any of their work. Because of the remediation process with more out of pocket expenses.

3rd Party Testing for Transparency

However, the opposite of this is when an environmental company will produce the test. With no thought of benefiting any person or company. Rather to truly empower the customer with the knowledge of the air quality within their property.  The outcome is an unbiased account of the true state of each property where contamination has been removed.  This is the highest standard of service in our industry.  For example, if Fresh Start performs remediation services; ABC Environmental performs post-remediation mold testing or these test will be free of any possible bias. 

As mentioned earlier, Fresh Start does offer both services. However, we desire to inform you of these realities. So, that you can decide how best to handle your situation.  It very well could be in your best interest to hire two different companies. Separate companies for each service. To assist in providing you with the most thorough solution.  In other words, we have wrestled with this issue. We have concluded with a balanced and straight forward approach. Desiring that you ultimately receive the greatest service possible with complete solutions available.  We are here to help and inform you of any services you would like to have us do.