5 Reasons We’re Thankful for Our Customers

A Letter of Gratitude to You, Our Customers

We’re thankful for our customers, and we are not afraid to show it! Each and every one of our experiences with you our customers has been a delight! This week is a time to give thanks, and we have so much to be thankful for here at Fresh Start! Just to name a few, we appreciate that we work for a company that values family and friendship above all else. We’re thankful for the opportunity to solve problems daily and grow with each new challenge we face. We’re appreciative for QTs and big drinks.  We’re grateful for each of our business affiliates that make our year better than the year before.

But most importantly, we’re thankful for you! Not a day goes by that we aren’t grateful to work with such amazing people. Here are just a couple of the many reasons why:

1. Your Friendliness is Off the Charts!
You are always so warm and welcoming. Despite dealing with stressful situations when we arrive.  Frequently we hear Ben say, “Our customers are like a breath of fresh air.” At Fresh Start, we genuinely enjoy the company of our customers. So keep on gabbing about your lives! We like to get to know you and your families. Ao, this means that we make time for your sense of humor and your stories; because it makes our day all the more enjoyable!

2. Your Sense of Humor Makes Our Day!
In case you didn’t already know, here at Fresh Start, we love to laugh. Listen in on our crews, and you are bound to hear laughs!  You’ll be amazed by how many movie lines and jokes Ben can come up within a matter of minutes! So it should come as no surprise that we love to work with people who know how to have a good time.

3. Your creativity Drives Us Forward!
Our customers’ creativity and constructive feedback drive everything about our services. You thought it would be valuable to have more information on our website, so we implemented weekly blog posts. You wanted an introductory guide, so we published it. You wanted an easy to navigate, informative site, so we revised it.  Our services continue to improve, and our company grows and succeeds because you all continue to push and inspire us. For that, we thank you!

4. Your Patience Allows Us to Do a Quality Job!
Patience and friendliness go together like sugar and sweet tea, like stuffing and cranberry sauce. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service, but it is your patience for the process that makes it go smoothly. We wouldn’t be able to do our jobs without your patience and graciousness. You understand that responding to your requests with as much care, detail, and attention as possible requires time, thank you for allowing us the time we need to do the job right.

5. Your Giving Attitude Humbles Us! ​​​​​​​
How can we discuss Thanksgiving without bragging (just a little bit) about the referrals and reviews you have given to us. The highest compliment we can receive is a referral. You are the most giving and complimentary people we have met! Your generosity of customer referrals, online reviews, and handwritten thank you notes all have humbled us. How could we ever begin to thank you for the best gift you could ever have given us….your kind words? We are humbled and grateful!

We wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. May your holiday be filled with family, love, and overflowing with good food. We hope you have as much or more to be thankful for as we do. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ben & the FSR Staff

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