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Mold Removal

Professional mold removal services are important. First of all, a professional should have extensive experience. Also, they should be properly certified. Because mold is a dangers substance when breathed in. If it is not removed correctly, it can cause health and safety risks to your family. To safeguard your health, take a minute to understand the process. Above all, educate yourself! We recommend that you read our article, “EPA Guidelines for Mold Removal and Remediation“. This article will provide you with specific guidelines provided by the EPA. Because this guideline lays out when to hire a professional and what safety precautions need to be used based on the size of the molded area. LEARN MORE

Mold Testing & Inspection

Testing is a vital service when attempting to find hidden mold. Also, testing can confirm spore counts being in a safe range after removal. Many companies require testing when mold is visible. Certainly, this is an unnecessary expense that is motivated by greed.

Inspections are vitally important in real estate transactions and landlord disputes. Furthermore, all professionals require a written inspection report. Providing real estate sales transactions or approval for commercial removal services. Finally, we recommend a professional mold inspection for ALL renovated or flipped property. The practice of improperly removing or hiding mold is far too common by general contractors and renovators. LEARN MORE

Attic Insulation

First of all, attic insulation is one of the top energy improvements you can do to your home or property. As a result, it provides the quickest return on your investment of all insulating improvements. Seems like the common insulating practice in Kansas City has been insufficient. Consequently, most homes have less than half of the Energy Start recommended amount. Start saving on your energy bills. Almost as much as a 50% reduction in energy cost. Just by choosing high-quality attic insulation services! READ MORE

Customer’s Reviews

Very professional. Ben and Fresh Start deliver. Absolutely would hire again! 5 STARS (Rating 5/5)

Review Submitted by Client to Google

Jennifer W. Homeowner Google / Shawnee, KS / Mold Removal October 7, 2018

Ben with Fresh Start has done work on several of my properties. He and his team have been very professinal and honest and got the work done in a quality way. These guys tell you honestly what needs done and if you don’t need much they tell you that to….very refershing in this kinda of bussiness to find honest people. I highly recommend these guys with out hesitiation and have made them my prefered vendor. Rating (5/5)

Review Submitted by Client to Facebook

Jennifer Smeltzer Realtor / Property Manager / Homeowner Facebook / Grandview, MO / Mold Removal June 7, 2017

Ben was professional and a great communicator. He handled our project promptly and explained his work in layman’s terms. We received several bids for our project, and his quote was reasonable. Ben seemed considerably more experienced than others we had bid on the project and he did the work himself. We are glad we used Fresh Start and would recommend him to others. (Rating 5/5)

Review Submitted by Client to Google

Kathy Lindsey Homeowner Google Review / Overland Park, KS / Mold Removal June 21, 2016