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How to Care for Crawl Spaces in the Winter
September 15, 2019 Foundation,Property Maintenance,Winter Ben Fetzer

What is a Crawl Space? If your home doesn’t have a basement and isn’t atop a slab, it most likely has a crawl space. This area is typically over a foot tall and extends to the foundation. Like the name suggests, it is made that high in order for people to be able to crawl

#1 Method to Prevent Mold: Ventilation
May 6, 2019 Prevent Mold Ben Fetzer

New homes are focused on sealing the inside from the outside world. However, this is only a good option to a certain point. Sure, it is good to limit access into the home to bugs, dust, and other pests. But proper ventilation is what keeps a home from becoming an illness incubator. One of the