Moldy Rooms without Windows
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There are many reasons for no windows, but still, there are closets that have been turned into small offices and bathrooms that suffer improper exhaust systems. The center of the building is no place for a room, but when this unfortunate circumstance occurs, there are options.

5 Options for Mold Rooms without Windows

1. Skylights

Depending on the building, a room may be able to be vented similarly to a tent or camper trailer. If the ceilings are lower, and the venting is proper, skylights can give the air circulation necessary to prevent mold growth. They also add the benefit of natural light to elevate the mood and effect of the room.

2. Exhaust fan

An exhaust fan vented to the outside of the home is also a great way to increase air circulation in the room with no windows. It is typically a requirement for any bathroom, many of which don’t have windows. However, if a closet or other utility room has been converted to a workspace, an exhaust fan can help to make the area a little fresher.

3. Dehumidifier

The worst thing that happens in a stagnated room is mold growth, but mold needs moisture, so a dehumidifier can greatly help the situation. Thirty to 50 percent is the optimal humidity to prevent mold growth, and a good humidifier will get that number down to that range easily.

4. Dual doors

One of the greatest ways to draft an enclosed room is to open it up with doors. A door on opposing or adjacent walls can create a draft that is a non-attractive environment for mold growth. Not to mention it may give the closet office a bit of open air. Talk about a cure for claustrophobia!

5. Remove carpet

If you have a room without windows and proper ventilation, then at least make sure there are no sponges to sap up the moisture and promote mold growth. These are rooms where vinyl seating and floors are a benefit because they can survive any water incidences and don’t provide a great medium for mold growth. They are also easy to clean, and bleaching or chemically cleaning manufactured floors is an easy way to clear any moldy residue.

Mold can be Hazardous to your Health

If you are working in conditions that don’t afford windows, then you need to make sure the risk of mold is minimized. There are countless reasons for not having windows, and being up to code is rarely an indicator of whether or not a person lives in a situation that can get dirty. As far as mold goes, it is mostly about moisture, air flow, and temperature. If you can control these, then you can prevent mold growth in many places.

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