Foundation Concrete Repair Live Video

foundation concrete repair

Foundation Concrete Repair

Video Transcription of Foundation Concrete Repair

Hi everybody! Ben Fetzer with Fresh Start Restoration. Sorry, the lighting is so bad and there’s a little bit of noise. I wanted to do a quick plug for a company I’m working with here. This is a Walker or Darryl, Darryl Walker Concrete, a concrete contractor. Does foundation work. He’s working on a job that I’ve also been working on. I want to show you something real quick. There’s setup here is family.

Fantastic. You can see they’ve gotten the area where they’re working completely contained off and we’re talking ceilings and everything. So, all of the work that we did, which is so nice and beautifully cleaned and sealed, they went ahead and contained it off. They’re back here doing work on this. A concrete wall. You can see the repairs are getting ready to do.

You can see the top is all contained off with poly on the wall. I’ve got a, a negative air machine over here. I’m going to show you. This is an onsite job here. And we’ve got a tubing. Great big 2000 CFM air scrubber on the other side of that wall that’s containing all the dust. It’s actually controlling it, rather pulling it through that scrubber and dumping it out that window. So we’ve got this area which is a clean living space, is completely unaffected by any dust, that’s being produced by that concrete repair.

Video Closing

So just wanted to just show you a little something that’s going on. This is a foundation repair that these guys are doing with their crew, Darryl Walker Concrete and have any concrete repair that you need to have done, whether it’s foundation, drainage outside, they’re going to be doing some other things if this property as far as like three grading and drainage board up there.

So I’m just want to give you a quick snapshot of the real world here. What goes on day in and day out. We went ahead and moved their personal content here and covered it up so it’s not going to be affected in this case. It wouldn’t be anyways, but when we were doing mold remediation in this room, this content would have been affected had we not covered it up. So we went ahead and did that. Anyway, I hope y’all are having a good day. Ben Fetzer with Fresh Start Restoration or and have a good day.