Downsizing to Reduce Maintenance & Simplify
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Downsizing and simplification are becoming a more popular discussion over recent years. We see all too often the scenario where homeowners can’t stay on top of their property’s demands for maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. As a result, we see lots of water and mold damage as a result of missed or ignored common maintenance items. It is common in our American society, for the excessive accumulation of things and properties much larger than our “need”.

The Benefits of Downsizing: Creating a Simplified Home

My wife and I have been through our own simplification process. We purchased a “dream property” several years ago and we woke up 3 years into the ownership and hated it. The property was beautiful, the home was large, and the location was great. Everyone loved coming out to our house. Even with all of its beauty and its perks, the maintenance and the upkeep were unending. As small business owners with small children and complex property, we decided to make drastic changes! It was the best decision we made! We sold off the dream property and moved back to a convenient location, small upkeep, and simple maintenance. Since then, our family has grown and our freed up time has allowed us to purpose passions and purposes that are important to us. The process was not necessarily fun, but the reward keeps on giving!

Posted by Ben Fetzer on Friday, August 10, 2018

Video Transcription of Downsizing to Reduce Maintenance

Happy Friday Kansas City! Ben Fetzer with Fresh Start Restoration! Friday afternoon here, a little bit cloudy and the weather is only 92 it says on the thermometer over there. So kind of a nice day. Nice to have the clouds and a little bit of a break with the heat. Wanted to just do a quick video with a couple of thoughts and some recommendations to finish off the week.

Is it appropriate for a homeowner to downsize? When do need to start doing that? Seems like just over and over and over every scenario I get into. That’s one of the options, in the last few days. Just lots of people that are in a position where they really need to consider downsizing their home and simplifying their properties. Simplifying their lifestyle. When it comes to where they’re living and what they’re responsible for as far as home maintenance. So, I’m going to just throw this out there. That’s something that everyone really needs to consider. Whatever age you are.

The Benefits I am Communicating are from Personal Experience

I downsized a couple of years ago. Personally, because the property that we were currently living in or we were living in several years ago. Took a lot of time and energy to keep up with. A lot of mowing. A lot of tree trimming things like that and we just knew that we needed to simplify. And we needed less to take care of. I needed a property that was less maintenance. It had components to it that were low maintenance. That’s a very key thing.

Chronic Illness Requires Greater Property Upkeep

For somebody who’s got a chronic illness. It’s essential that you clean it so frequently to provide a clean environment to live in. That the smaller the better! The smaller the property, the smaller the home, the less there is to clean on a daily or weekly basis. Even if you’re hiring the cleaning out. Less is more for somebody who’s chronically ill. Because you’re trying to really produce a high level of sanitation. When you’re chronically ill and try to have a home that’s conducive for you getting healthy or staying healthy. Boy, the smaller the better. As far as keeping that space super sanitary for yourself. In that case, you definitely would probably not only want to downsize, but you would want to downsize and you might want to build brand new.

Consider Brand New

Build a brand-new house, with brand new lumber, brand new mechanicals. Everything is clean, everything is new. That’s the cleanest environment to be living in is a brand new home. As long as it was constructed with competent contractors. So, anyway, that’s one example of the downsizing. But for sure, across the board, the more you have, the more you have to take care of when it comes to a house or a property. And the greater chance that you have is something is going to get missed, something is not going to get maintained frequently enough. Then you’ll have some kind of a problem with the home that could lead to mold which is what I’m currently just dealing with on a constant basis.

Poor Maintenance Leads to Mold Problems

It’s maintenance to the home that wasn’t done and then results in mold. And I’m called out and they are dealing with a more heightened situation. Because it’s not only needing to be repaired, as far as the home, but it’s now toxic. So it’s got to be cleaned up and decontaminated before it can even be repaired or in addition to needing to be repaired. So. Downsizing is the word of the day! And I just want to leave you with some thoughts to consider as you head into your weekend. That might be you, you might need to be thinking about downsizing. And in that case, I certainly recommending simplify your life. Downsize your home. Maybe even go new or if you’re in a position to build new or just buy a newer home. The newer the better as far as low maintenance and also cleanliness. The newer the components of the home, the cleaner they’re going to be.

So. Have a great weekend if you have any mold problems. Look up, and Fresh Start Restoration is the name of the company. Have a great weekend!!

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