“extremely professional, meticulous and responsive, showing up on time”
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“extremely professional, meticulous and responsive, showing up on time”

Ben Fetzer and his co-worker Matt did a super job. The first step was to inspect the area and get some air samples to send to the lab. He did this on time and we got results the next day, which he emailed to us. He also provided us with a detailed and easy-to-read quote for the actual repairs, which outlined everything that needed to be done. During the actual mold removal, Ben and Matt were very thorough in isolating the affected areas from the rest of the house, with plastic sheeting covering the floor, and hanging down from the ceiling. The affected area was very high up, so they had to install scaffolding to be able to get to it safely. They tore out the damaged drywall and insulation, and cleaned the wood studs carefully. They took many good photos of the damaged drywall, showing mold and water damage, and sent them to us for insurance purposes. After the first day, we saw that the damage was more extensive than we originally thought, so we agreed that he should come out again to continue removing damaged material. Ben gave us a quote for the additional work and showed up promptly the next morning. He and Matt installed more plastic sheeting and moved the scaffolding so they could continue working. When they were finished, they cleaned up all the debris and removed the plastic sheeting, except for some that we requested that they leave, so that the repair contractor would have an easier time controlling dust when installing new drywall. Ben’s bid for the additional work was pretty much spot-on. During the entire process, Ben was extremely professional, meticulous and responsive, showing up on time and minimizing the disruption to our household. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing mold remediation

Description of Work: We had some mold and other water damage from some upper windows near the ceiling. The water had come in through a seam in some trim where the caulking had deteriorated. (Rating 5/5)

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