Mold Remediation Equipment: Dehumidification & Air Purification

During the mold removal and remediation process, many times the use of professional grade mold remediation equipment is needed to reduce humidity and scrub the air of impurities such as mold spores. If you are in the midst of mold project and have questions about reducing humidity or cleaning the air of your home or office, please feel free to contact us for questions. Speaking with our experts can help you determine the best solutions for your mold problems. Remember in addition to the use of remediation equipment knowing the placement, the number of units and monitoring is all a necessary part of successful results. The cost for remediation equipment at times can seem high on the front end, but it is still only a fraction of the cost of further damage caused by inadequate remediation.


Air Movers

Air movers, also known as floor fans, provide the proper air movement that is essential for adequate drying during water damage jobs. However, air movers should NOT be used whenever mold is present and can cause mold spores to become airborne and distributed throughout the property.



Professional dehumidifiers are the key to effectively removing moisture from the air, and helping to expedite drying of wet building materials.  This helps to prevent the development of mold and helps prevent mold from spreading.  Professional grade dehumidifiers are necessary to remove adequate amounts of moisture for deep drying, and unfortunately, this is where home dehumidifiers just don’t measure up.  Knowing what size dehumidifier you will need is vital.  A dehumidifier too small won’t provide you with adequate drying, and adversely, one too large can make occupants sick.  These professional grade dehumidifiers make a huge difference not only in the prevention of future mold growth but also on the overall musty & humid climate after a water damage event or humid environment.


Air Scrubbers & Negative Air Machines

Air scrubbers pull air through a HEPA multi-stage filtration system that greatly reduces the number of airborne particles commonly found in water, fire, smoke & mold.  The air is re-circulated after going through an extensive scrubbing process that will continually filter the air to improve indoor air quality.  HEPA filters are the most advanced filtration technology.  Air scrubbers are most commonly used during, or directly following, mold disturbance for mitigation or remediation process.

Negative air machines pull air from a contained area by putting the air under negative pressure.  This negative pressure allows for the filtration & disbursement of air in order to vent outside.  The aggressive filtration of the air helps to remove unhealthy spores.


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