When Aspergillus Mold Becomes Dangerous

aspergillus mold

Most molds are usually not all that dangerous, but if you’ve followed mold in the news, you know that they can cause illness and death. This is the same for the mold called aspergillus, which is common and relatively non-toxic, but it has led to the deaths of multiple people.

What is Aspergillus Mold?

Aspergillus is a mold that is everywhere in the air that we breath every day. It gets its name because its discoverer thought it resembled a holy water sprinkler (aspergillum in Latin). There are a little less than 200 species of aspergillus, and around 40 of them can be harmful to humans.

How Does Aspergillus Harm Humans?

People with poor immune systems or lung damage are the most susceptible to harm from aspergillus. Aspergillosis in the most common disease associated with this mold. It can cause sinus infections, fever, and chest pain. The infections can also infect some birds and insects.

Air Conditioners and Flooded Buildings

The most common places where aspergillus mold becomes a problem is in buildings that have flooded or air conditioning systems. When this is in a medical building, it is much more likely to reach people that have compromised immune systems. Recently, an infant died from aspergillus infection at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

It’s Not Just Medical Buildings

While deaths in medical facilities are newsworthy, all places that have high concentration of aspergillus spores put people at risk. The residential building with aspergillus puts each immuno-compromised person who enters the building at risk. The grocery store or other commercial building also puts people at risk. It won’t do anything to most people, but for those who are susceptible to aspergillus infections, the results can be deadly.

How to Reduce the Risks of Aspergillus

All molds like warmth, moisture, and stagnancy. Removing these environmental factors can greatly reduce the chance of harming anyone due to aspergillus. If you believe you are going to a place where you’ll be at-risk for mold exposure and known yourself to be sensitive to it, you can wear a mask rated to block mold from entering the nose and mount.

Hire a Professional If You Are Having Problems

If you have mold problems, and you or people entering your building are going to be at-risk for suffering illness due to aspergillus, hire a professional mold removal company. Not only are they equipped with items and knowledge to safely remove your excessive mold, they will have solutions to prevent future mold problems.