What Should Tenants Do if You Find Mold?
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TENANTS: What to Do If You Find Mold?

If you find mold in your apartment or home; your landlord can be held liable for ensuring that the property is in a habitable condition.

  • Renters insurance– If the mold is making the space unlivable. Be sure to check your renter’s insurance policy to see what can be covered under your plan.
  • Document– At the first sign of mold, be sure to document all relevant information. All communication in writing. Pictures, timeline, and details of water damage, mold damage, doctor’s appointments, and recommendations. Also, any other areas as a result of the mold.
  • A written notice to your landlord –It is especially important to send a written document. Notifying your landlord or management company of the mold in a rental.
  • Check the terms of your lease –In many cases, landlords are held accountable. For ensuring that the rental property is in a “livable” condition for their tenants.

If the mold damage is, in any way, a result of your own negligence, the landlord cannot be held liable. According to the online legal resource Nolo. “The liability picture changes when mold grows as the result of your own behavior. Such as keeping the apartment tightly shut, creating high humidity, or failing to maintain necessary cleanliness. When a tenant’s own negligence is the sole cause of injury, the landlord is not liable.”

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