Top 3 Ways to Save on Home Repairs
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Home Repairs: 3 Strategies Can Save You Thousands

Home repairs can be a hassle to any homeowner. The excitement of remodeling can be quickly deflated with surprise cost, poor contractors, and delays. Here are a few tips on how to save you money and headache.

1. Contract Home Repairs During Winter Months

The cold season is here! These are the days when we like to be at home, stay warm and enjoy our homes to the fullest. You may be missing out on savings and a superior customer service experience by contracting work during the winter months. Most contractors’ peak seasons run from late May through Mid-October. To reduce the costs, it is better to schedule home repairs during the slower seasons. Primetime for discounts is between December & March of each year. Apart from this, if you want to save more money, there are some simple habits that will help you not only to keep your home safe but also to help you save more money.

2. Obtain a Minimum of 3 Quotes

As a general rule of thumb, contractors charge 20-30% above their trade services. By going directly to the service professional you can save thousands. Not all professionals are created equal though. Ensuring you are choosing a professional that is properly certified, trained and experienced is the first step in a successful transaction. It is recommended to obtain a minimum of 3 quotes. Comparing quotes is also a vitally important step. As the bottom dollar is not the primary method of comparison. It is a common tactic for companies to provide a bottom dollar estimate and then surprise you with unexpected costs or cutting big corners that compromise the quality or integrity of the repair.

3. Plan Ahead

People who have a home know perfectly well that repairs are unavoidable. The best way to deal with them financially is to be prepared in advance for possible damages. Another important factor that will reduce the possibility of occurring the damages is to maintain the home and take care of everything as if it were the first day. Approaching home repairs from a proactive vs. reactive approach will not only help to reduce the chances of repairs, but it will also help to save the money for getting the repairs done, and save yourself a headache.

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