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How Your HVAC System Breeds Mold
February 6, 2020 Cause Mold,Commercial,HVAC,Indoor Air Quality,Uncategorized Ben Fetzer

There are many ways that mold can enter a structure, but one of the most common cases you hear of it lingering in the news is through the air system. Yes, the HVAC system that causes you to live in comfort no matter what the season can also be responsible for mold growth in your

The Cost of Commercial Mold
November 12, 2019 About Mold,Commercial,Indoor Air Quality Ben Fetzer

You may be thinking about taking care of your mold problem yourself, and in some cases, this is okay. However, if you have a commercial mold problem, you should consider professional mold removal services. The cost of professional mold removal is much less than the costs you could face during a lawsuit. How Much Will