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5 Ways to Prevent Mold This Spring
March 18, 2018 Prevent Mold,Property Maintenance,Spring Ben Fetzer

5 Easy Maintenance Items to Prevent Mold this Spring Let us help you with ways to prevent mold. With springs comes so many preparations and maintenance items. We wanted to give you a few tips on the top items to address to prevent mold from the heavy rains and humid conditions we have here in

How to Choose the Best Air Filter for Your HVAC
August 27, 2014 HVAC,Indoor Air Quality Ben Fetzer

How to Choose the Best Air Filter for Your Home We have all have been there; standing at our local home improvement store staring at the vast selection of home air filters. As you reach for the cheap regular fiberglass filter that you can practically see-thru; you think to yourself surely this won’t do anything. Then