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Reduce Respiratory Infections By Reducing Mold-Friendly Environments
March 31, 2020 Cause Mold,Indoor Air Quality,Mold Symptoms Ben Fetzer

We are currently in a pandemic due to the COVID-19 virus that has an estimated death rate of around 1-3 percent. While this situation is garnering paramount attention, there are many other viruses going around that can cause respiratory infections and that can also be deadly. Risk factors for serious symptoms of COVID-19 include age

Control Dampness to Reduce Respiratory Illness
February 3, 2020 Indoor Air Quality,Mold Symptoms Ben Fetzer

            Many people are aware of the fact that toxic mold exists, which means there are molds out there than can cause bodily harm, thus the name “toxic.” However, science is unclear about exactly how mold causes bodily harm. Toxic mold, in fact, is more of a legal term than a medical term. A recent

7 Reasons to Purchase an Air Purifier
June 8, 2017 House Mold,Indoor Air Quality,Mold Symptoms,Property Maintenance Ben Fetzer

Top Reasons to Use an Air Purifier Do you want to clear the air in your home, but you are perplexed whether it is needed or not? Are you confused about what air purifier to choose? When is an air purifier a priority for my health?  It is very much likely that there are subtle