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Venting Mistakes in Your Kitchen and Bathroom
January 27, 2020 Bathroom,Construction,Kitchen Ben Fetzer

The way your kitchen and bathroom(s) are venting can contribute to your mold risk, and there are common mistakes people make when installing or altering venting that can be problematic. Venting is important in mold prevention because it prevents moisture and stagnancy, but improper venting allows for both environments to occur. The end result is

Top 5 Toxic Household Items We Use Every Day
October 7, 2018 House Mold,Indoor Air Quality Ben Fetzer

Using everyday toxic household items. However, we never consider that they could produce toxins for our indoor air environment. We are learning more about the negative effects of these toxins every year. And the negative effects on our physical bodies. Because with crafty branding and nice product packaging many times it can be deceiving what