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How to Do Your Own Home Mold Inspection
April 1, 2020 DIY Tips Ben Fetzer

If you are stuck at home due to this global pandemic, there is one thing you can do that will proactively retain the health of your home and its inhabitants. That one thing is doing your own home mold inspection.  How to Do Your Own Home Mold Inspection Mold spores are so small, they are

Kansas City’s Rental Inspection Ordinance Pt.1
August 16, 2018 Commercial,News,Rental Properties Ben Fetzer

This morning we are going to talk about a recent ordinance passed by Kansas City voters. This new ordinance is a rental inspection ordinance which requires the city to inspect rental properties. This ordinance also allows tenants the ability to contact city officials about problems with their rental properties. This particular ordinance is very controversial

Top 3 Home Inspection Failures
June 12, 2018 House Mold,Real Estate,Top Articles Ben Fetzer

Home inspections are the most critical part of every real estate transaction. As buyers, the information contained within a home inspection can make or break the deal.  Also, properties that tend to have problems AFTER purchase are ones that were flipped, rehabbed or a fixer-upper”. Because the focus was first placed on beautification vs. long-term

Realtors Tip: How to Catch Mold Before Inspection
March 30, 2018 Mold Testing,Real Estate Ben Fetzer

A Message to Realtors: How to Catch Mold BEFORE the Home Inspection Kills Your Deal Every realtor knows that mold is a real-time problem when it is found during a home inspection. With some simple steps, you can save your deal before the home inspection report ever comes back. The question is how can you