Pest Control: There Are Rodents Among Us
November 3, 2017 Comments Off on Pest Control: There Are Rodents Among Us Property Maintenance, Videos Ben Fetzer

If you have water damage and mold, you have a need for pest control. Since rodents and bugs are attracted to wet areas, calling a pest control professional during your basement renovation is always a good idea. Nothing exposes a rodent problem like a basement renovation. It is common for our remediation technicians to find 20-30 mice carcasses during our remediation jobs, even in high-end homes. The property value does or even rigid maintenance seems to make minimal differences in the rodent problems found. Mice and rodents love to live in wall cavities. Wet, damp basements create a welcoming home for more than mold!  

The Need for Pest Control During Basement Renovations

Video Transcript:

Good morning Kansas City! Ben Fetzer with FreshStart Restoration. It is a beautiful fall morning. Sorry about my allergies. This is the third time I’ve tried to do this video. My eyes literally just keep running. So hopefully you’re not dealing with the same stuff I’m dealing with but that’s what we do in the fall if you have that kind of stuff that I’ve got as far as ragweed and allergies.

Want to do a video today about pest control. I’ve been doing a few jobs lately that have a ton of mice. Last week, for example, opened up a basement full basement remediation found about 30 mice in a 500 square foot basement. So lots of mice not even a lot of space as far as the size of the basement. But there was a lot of mice getting in that basement and they were contaminating it severely. So if you’ve had remediation done or you have your basement opened up because of some flooding this year or this last couple of months. Good time to have a pest control company with good reviews a good reputation and lots of experience come through. And see if you could figure out how to eliminate mice. Go ahead get any points of interest. Excuse me points of entrance to your house.

Good consulting pest control person will be able to go out and find areas outside your house where mice could get in. And they’ll figure out how to close it up. So anyway you’re getting a good fresh start. You just had your basement cleaned up sanitized. Now you’re about to rebuild it before you do that. It would be a good idea to consult with a pest control pro. Somebody that that’s really good and you feel like would do a good job of eliminating that problem for you in the future. So just something I thought I would bring up and do a video for. Ben Fetzer with FreshStart Restoration, have a great day.

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