Mold on the Walls: When to Call a Professional

Taking care of our homes is something we all make a priority. One of the things that may be missing from your to-do list, however, is checking for mold on the walls. The mold may be growing in your walls away from where you can see and affecting the health of your family and quality of your home.

When a Professional Should Remove Mold on the Walls

When you have mold on the walls, it is important to have the situation assessed by a professional. To attempt to solve the problem on your own could prove to be dangerous and even cause mold to spread to other places in your house. Of course, you want to get rid of the mold on the walls, but you also don’t want mold to spring up other places from spores becoming airborne and finding a new damp home for themselves in your bathroom or under your carpet. Another thing you want to avoid is causing unnecessary damage to your home through cutting into your walls or removing wallpaper or baseboards. A professional mold removal professional would be able to use specifically designed tools and methods that will determine the extent of the damage done to your walls in a non-invasive analysis. This is a safe way that will keep your wall intact in every way possible as well as keep the mold from becoming airborne and finding other areas of your home to grow. To get rid of mold on the walls in a safe and efficient way, a professional is the best choice for you and your family.

What You Can Do

Hard surface walls in your home can be wiped clean by you. You can use a mixture of hot water and dishwashing soap the get rid of mold on the walls. Bleach does not work in removing mold from your home. Make sure to properly ventilate the room after washing the mold and reassess the situation after three days. Drywall and paneling are known to be mold’s favorite food source and these surfaces need to be evaluated by a professional.
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