Mold Scam Part 2 – Sales Tactics Full of BS

Mold Scam Full of False Sales Tactics

Ok, so we have talked about the scare tactics and the attempts to manipulate us all as consumers through fear in our previous post “Mold Scam: Part 1”.  Now, let’s discuss the likable factor.  I must admit I have chosen services in the past just because “I liked” my sales rep.  This is another trick in sales focused individual; have you like me so much that you can’t say no to whatever I recommend.  This in of itself is an immoral practice of manipulation and focused on what they can get vs. what they can give.  Let’s just face it, people aren’t genuine most of the time and when it comes to a service contractor why do you even care if they are genuine?  Well, you want to care so you know that they will care about your home and your job!  This is where you having the facts helps you make a “factual” decision based on wisdom, not an emotional one.  Sales training teaches you to capitalize on the customer’s “emotions” vs. providing outstanding service.  At FreshStart we believe that if we provide outstanding service and excellent information that you will take notice!  So, now let’s discuss how to protect yourself during the process of choosing a mold professional and avoid a mold scam.  Having information and knowing what questions to ask is the biggest key to protecting yourself. We highly recommend all of our customers to check out NORMI’s website  NORMI is the leading firm in helping states write new laws about mold remediation to help protect homeowners in new ways.  NORMI has the highest quality standards and has the most rigorous testing for certifications.  This is why at FreshStart we chose to be certified by NORMI because we want to not only offer the best services but we want to do business with the best!  NORMI stands out above the normal “internet mold certification association” as being the most solid and a leader in the industry.  Their website is full of information and they provide a great non-biased opinion, we highly encourage you to check them out.


Things to Take Notice of & Ask During a Mold Inspection or Estimate:

  • Ask lots of questions during the inspection.  Walk around with them and see what they are doing during the inspection.
  • Request a detailed estimate & know exactly what all the charges are for and why
  • Ask how they reached their conclusion of what needs to be done in your home
  • Beware of scare tactics, quick inspections, unmatched totals or rep getting angry with your questions.
  • Meet guidelines outlined in the “How to Choose a Professional” list

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