Mold Scam Part 1: What to Believe

Mold Scam? What to Believe?

Producing fear to motivate people is everywhere in our modern society, especially during a mold scam.  Unfortunately, it has been determined that people respond to fear. Unethical practice of using fear to motivate people’s decision is an ever increasing sign of the times we live in.  Fear driven sales motivate many of our daily purchases without us even noticing it or thinking about it.  Why do car commercials show test crashes and extermination companies show your home invaded with bugs?  It is because of fear sales, it’s that simple.  In the industry of mold inspections, testing & remediation we have seen these fear based sales practices used and working with many of our competitors.  It is frequent we hear from customers, “you are the first company that I have talked to that hasn’t scared me to death!”  Our culture and our modern sales training classes say, “use it to your advantage”.


At FreshStart, we believe in operating our company according to higher standards of morality. Not what the next sales “technique” has to offer. This is an unwavering standard in our company and we adamantly prohibit the use of any scare tactics by any of our staff or technicians.   We are here to inform you, not scare you.  Yes, mold and water damage can be dangerous and yes they needed to be handled with professionalism and seriousness. That doesn’t mean we are going to stoop to the level of manipulating you by fear.  We will provide you extensive and detailed analysis of your situation and allow you the homeowner to make the decision with a clutter free mind & knowing the facts, not another sales pitch. The following is a list of things to watch for during a mold inspection:

  • Quick inspections under 30 minutes
  • Use of scare tactics and emphasis on worse case scenario
  • Doesn’t perform inspection of wall cavities, behind baseboards or other enclosed areas of concern
  • Reaches a quick conclusion prior to a thorough investigation being completed.
  • Doesn’t show you the results of a moisture reading in the area of concern
  • Inflated rates in their estimates or cost of testing

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