Mold Companies Scare Tactics

Common Mold Companies Scare Tactics

Sometimes mold companies make use of the scare tactics by giving false information, misinforming the consumers or sometimes embellishing facts. During microbial investigations in the industries that are involved in mold remediation, there are usually so many scare tactics that is rampant in the industry. Just like any other industries that are always scaring people into using their goods or services, the mold industry has not been left behind into scaring people into using their services. There are a number of things that people should watch out in case one needs the services within the microbial and mold remedial industry.

People should ensure that they ensure they should pay close attention to the websites of the companies since it is easy to know the kind of company that one will be dealing with since most of the mold companies could consist of misinformation and pictures which are solely meant to scare people into making use of their services. Some websites use scary pictures especially of microscopic mold spores which scare people. They also use phrases like ‘killer mold’, “deadly mold” this could be a signal that they are just trying to scare the public. Some companies may decide to over-emphasize the potentially dangerous effects of the molds vs. educating the public on the effects of mold. Despite the fact that it is necessary to take precautions from the mold, if all the company does is telling people that they will get sick after being around the mold, it could just be a scare tactic. Companies which do not even have a website, it is necessary to be cautious since it is not a good idea to trust mold problems in companies without experience.

Mold companies that do their own testing should be avoided as they may be faced with the conflict of interest. It is crucial to note that remediation companies make money from cleaning the mold. They may exaggerate the situation of the mold in the house just to scare the inhabitants to pay more for the cleaning. People should avoid being scared into paying the companies expensively and it is, therefore, necessary to have an independent party to conduct the testing before the remediation company embark on removing the mold.

Mold companies that are involved in testing should conduct professional testing, not by way of saying the type of mold that is available just by looking at the mold, they should have equipment for testing since they may make a mistake trying to identify the type of mold by just looking at the mold. Their tens of thousands of the types of molds which is impossible to try naming the type of the molds just by looking at them since the majority of them are similar and have a similar texture. Determination of the type of mold needs analysis under a high power microscope.

Lastly, the best way to ensure that the individual consulting the testing do not have any vested interest and ensure that they have the best interest in mind is to make sure that they are an independent third party that will not gain from anything by identifying a problem. A thorough research should be carried out to ensure that the company that will do remediation is a legitimate company with a track record that is positive.

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