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Fresh Start Restoration proudly serves Olathe, Kansas. And the entire Kansas City metro area. By providing the residential and commercial mold services.

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Providing Residential and Commercial Mold Services for Olathe, Kansas

Experience is important when it comes to mold. Because there are many mold scams out there. Thereby taking advantage of innocent Olathe, Kansas customers. Certainly understanding what needs to be done is part of the job. But not all of it. Also knowing what has caused mold damage. How to prevent mold is also important. Rather experience is what sets professionals apart in the mold removal industry. Hence the industry is filled with unethical practices and poor quality. Therefore make an informed decision. It is vital to protecting your home and family.

Work Directly with the Owner for Award Winning Customer Service

Ben Fetzer with FreshStart Restoration Mold Remediation CompanyMost Olathe professional services companies utilize pushy sales representatives. Most noteworthy at Fresh Start, our owner Ben Fetzer, is the person you will talk to. As a result, you will have an outstanding customer service experience. Furthermore, it saves you money. As we don’t have the cost of commissions to cover. Ben’s experience and certifications will give you confidence. Many of our customer reviews from Olathe residents have praised our knowledge and experience.

Why You Should Consider a Local Business vs. a National Franchise

Local businesses are the heart and soul of the Olathe community. Seems like no one can be the care and service of a quality local small business. While in contrast impersonal large, corporate, national franchises are common. Furthermore, these national companies receive private deals with insurance companies. Consequently, this is for their benefit, not yours. Due to their deals, they must provide aggressive rate reductions. Resulting in a reduced quality of services to maximize profits. Even more, to choose a local Olathe business like FreshStart, where quality or customer service won’t be sacrificed.

Testimonies from Olathe, Kansas Customers:

mold company reviews

“Helped us deal with our tenants who were not pleasant to deal with”

Experiencing mold is not a pleasant situation, it's stressful to deal with and costly to remediate. I am a landlord who recently had the misfortune of this ordeal. The lower level of a duplex had a light coating of mold on the woodwork due to poor circulation of air. It seems the return vents were covered up by large furniture items and the toilet had (unbanned to me) recently leaked enough to soak a good portion of the carpeting. After having the carpet removed, I never experienced this type of mold situation before, so I went looking for help. I had read through many websites and settled on calling FreshStart. The site was informative and the company seemed honest. I met up with Ben from FreshStart. My first impression was young but knowledgeable. Ben showed us ways we could accomplish some of the remediation ourselves, but after some investigation, we determined the job was too big for us to accomplish without professional help. Ben and his team did a great job taking care of our problems. He helped us deal with our tenants who were not pleasant to deal with. I think he went above and beyond in helping us out. I would recommend Bens' services and would use FreshStart again (God forbid I ever need this type of work done again). (Rating 5/5)

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Rick Tano Landlord Google Review / Kansas City / Mold Removal May 5, 2015

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“Considerably more experienced than others”

Ben was professional and a great communicator. He handled our project promptly and explained his work in layman's terms. We received several bids for our project, and his quote was reasonable. Ben seemed considerably more experienced than others we had bid on the project and he did the work himself. We are glad we used Fresh Start and would recommend him to others. (Rating 5/5)

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Kathy Lindsey Homeowner Google Review / Overland Park, KS / Mold Removal June 21, 2016

mold company reviews

“a PERFECT customer experience”

Many thanks to Ben Fetzer and Fresh Start Restoration, for a PERFECT customer experience. Mold is a scary situation that you don’t want to fool around with. I initially found Fresh Start on Angie’s List, then received an additional rec on them through another business resource. The process was timely and professional from the first consultation, to the immaculate condition they left our two rooms in when they finished. I am a customer service manager, so I appreciate the extra details it takes to go above and beyond. My husband and I gratefully give this company, 5 stars. We also encourage everyone who needs a mold remediation company to call and place your confidence in Fresh Start Restoration. Thanks again for everything, Ben! (Rating 5/5)

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Lori Schuetz Business Manager / Homeowner Google Review / Kansas City, MO / Mold Removal July 11, 2016

mold company reviews

“I never at any time felt pressured to use his services and he was more than helpful in recommendations”

I am very impressed. He arrived promptly and was very professional and personable. He evaluated the area of mold in question and gave his recommendations. He gave me the option of having him do the work and how much it would cost or, since in my case the mild damage was fairly light, gave me the option of doing the work myself and gave recommendations how to do that. I chose to do it myself. I never at any time felt pressured to use his services and he was more than helpful in recommendations. I have had many people out to work on my house and it is very difficult to find trustworthy companies who actually do good work and stick with what they say. Having said that I highly recommend this company. (Rating 5/5)

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Mariah Jenkins Manager / Homeowner Google Review / Kansas City, MO / Mold Inspection September 5, 2016

mold company reviews

“Explained everything they were doing and why”

Prompt, professional service. Excellent bid presentation. High attention to detail in performing the work-really went over and above. Explained everything they were doing and why. Very good, caring owner and staff. Highly recommend Fresh Start Restoration if ever you find yourself in need of mold remediation. (Rating 5/5)

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Linda Roser Homeowner Google Reviews / Prairie Village, KS / Mold Removal October 5, 2016

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