Grandview’s Black Mold Removal Pro
April 10, 2018 Comments Off on Grandview’s Black Mold Removal Pro Ben Fetzer

Fresh Start Restoration proudly serves Grandview, Missouri. And the entire Kansas City metro area. By providing the residential and commercial mold services.

Local Mold Removal and Remediation Professionals in Grandview, Missouri

First of all, we understand that quality of service is important to you. Because hassle-free customer experience is important to every Grandview patron. At Fresh Start, the core of our DNA is excellence. Because it’s the standard we live by. Because it’s our family legacy.  We are not a national franchise. We are not a major corporate company. Because large companies have a cookie cutter approach. Certainly, there is no comparison to the personalized service of a local company like Fresh Start. As a result, providing you with 5-star customer experience is our top priority!

Grandview, Missouri

Highly recommend! Best price around. Ben and his team did a fantastic job. Very quick, clean, and efficient. (Rating 5/5)

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Kimberly Ebright Homeowner Google / Grandview, MO / Mold Removal November 8, 2017

Ben with Fresh Start has done work on several of my properties. He and his team have been very professinal and honest and got the work done in a quality way. These guys tell you honestly what needs done and if you don't need much they tell you that to....very refershing in this kinda of bussiness to find honest people. I highly recommend these guys with out hesitiation and have made them my prefered vendor. Rating (5/5)

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Jennifer Smeltzer Realtor / Property Manager / Homeowner Facebook / Grandview, MO / Mold Removal June 7, 2017

We were very pleased with Fresh Start's removal of the mold in our basement. They take their time to do a clean, professional job, and they even left the air scrubbers and a dehumidifier for an extra 2 days because of the heavy rains we received right after their work. They went the extra mile to help us prevent future problems until we could get the foundation fixed. The final price was exactly what the estimate said, and they showed up on-time and checked in via email and text to make sure we were comfortable during the process. Thank you for an excellent job! (Rating 5/5)

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Abigail Johnson Teacher / Homeowner Google Review / Grandview, MO / Mold Removal October 26, 2016

Work Directly with the Owner for Award Winning Customer Service

Most Grandview professional services companies utilize pushy sales representatives. Most noteworthy at Fresh Start, our owner Ben Fetzer, is on the people you will talk to. As a result, you will have an outstanding customer service experience. Ben’s professionalism and experience are above the standard service received in the industry! Because his many certifications and years of experience provide a substantial advantage.

Why You Should Consider a Local Business vs. a National Franchise

Local businesses are the heart and soul of the Grandview community. It seems like no one can be the care and service of a quality local small business. While in contrast impersonal large, corporate, national franchises are common. We are not a national franchise company with a cookie cutter approach. Furthermore, these national companies receive private deals with insurance companies. Consequently, this is for their benefit, not yours. Resulting in a reduced quality of services to maximize their profits. Finally, the choice to use a local business like FreshStart is set apart. Where quality or customer service won’t be sacrificed.

About The Author
Ben Fetzer Ben Fetzer, is the founder and owner of Fresh Start Restoration of Kansas City. He is passionate about informing and educating you the customer. By providing you with insider industry information, he empowers you with knowledge and tools to properly compare companies and spot unethical sales practices. Which unfortunately is far too common in the mold remediation industry. By sharing stories and providing professional tips he gives you the ability to make the right decision for your mold problem! Ben is an experienced mold expert with over 15 years in the cleaning & restoration industry! He has received official training and certifications from the IICRC, ICRA, and NORMI. His history of high integrity and superior quality has made him a leader in the remediation industry. Thereby giving customers outstanding customer experience! Which has resulted in a long history of consistent 5-Star customer ratings since the company began in 2008!