Insulating Basement and Crawl Spaces

insulating basement and crawl spaces

The Benefits of Insulating Basement and Crawl Spaces

Adequately insulating basement and crawl spaces are the keys to keeping your feet toasty this winter. Insulating basements and crawl spaces can help warm your feet because the air passes through the crawl spaces and effects the temperature of the floor above. Insulating is one of the most inexpensive and effective solutions for improving home energy. Without the insulation of crawl spaces, the cool and warm air can be easily lost through the floor. Insulating basement and crawl spaces help in capturing the air and reduce the costs of energy. Unventilated and ventilated are the two main types of crawl spaces and each of them requires a different form of insulation. However, the objective of all this is to enclose the space. As with attic insulation, we see improvement in the efficiency and comfort of the home.

Insulating Basement

While in winter temperatures, it is best to insulate the walls and entirely seal the basement. In addition, it is considered best to insulate above the foundation wall between the floor joist. Also, sealing off any access panels to any adjoining crawl spaces is an imperative step to proper basement insulation.

Insulating Crawl Spaces

If the crawl spaces are ventilated, it is ideal because these types of crawl spaces help in eliminating the moisture. Insulating fiberglass in this type of crawl space under the subfloor between the joists of the floor is helpful in warming up your floor. Furthermore, it is very important to cover the insulation with the vapor barrier for avoiding the moisture and mold. If the crawl spaces are not ventilated, the wall should be insulated instead of the subfloor because the less insulation is required in this case. Moreover, it eliminates the requirements of insulation of the pipes and the ducts, separately.

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