Green Mold Hidden in Attic
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Green Mold in Attic Storage Space

Green mold in attic storage is a nightmare for any homeowner. We all use our attics to throw things we don’t want to deal with or only use once a year. With attics being rarely accessed, it makes it a prime location for green mold or any other form of mold to grow. Green mold is most often is aspergillus, Cladosporium, or penicillium types of mold. Most types of mold thrive and prefer warmer climates, however, these types of green mold, can also easily grow in cool areas. Most often we see green mold on fabrics, clothing, carpets, and wood surfaces. Including furniture, cabinets and wood floors and substrates. Most often green mold has a powdery substance. So, great care should be used as spores can easily become airborne and contaminate other areas. Making it a high-risk mold that easily contaminates air vents and spreads throughout the home or property.  

Video Transcript for Green Mold in Your Attic

Hi everybody! Ben Fetzer, Fresh Start Restoration. Just going to do a quick video for you here. I’m doing a project in an attic today. I just want to kind of show you around our site here. So we’re in the, uh, what’s called a de-con chamber. This is outside of our actual containment room or the room we’re going to be working in. So this is kind of a buffer zone. Where we got supplies to sort of stored. We’re going to bring our bags out into this area when we’re finished. I’ll show you around here though.

You can see this a plastic wall we put up. To separate, this little hallway area from the rest of the master bathroom. We’ve got supplies behind that plastic wall too. The air scrubber is inserted. That’s going out a window a further out into the, uh, it’s on the front of the house. So anyway, that’s the air scrubber. This door here is the attic space where we are going to be working. Also, there’s another doorway going into a bedroom. So I’ll just show you briefly what it looks like inside there.

We haven’t started yet getting ready to suit up and get going, but this is, our fungi growth on all this paneling. Ah, we’re going to be taken out all paneling. We’re curious about the backside of the paneling. Any of the other substrate as far as the roof sheeting and insulation. I’m taking down that drywall as well. You can see these green fungi right there. Um, what we’ll do first is actually wipe all that off. Then we’re gonna pull the panels, cut them down and see what’s behind them. So that’s our workspace and we’ll close that door for now until we get ready to start a. But just wanted to show you around. Thanks, Ben Fetzer with Fresh Start.

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