Frozen Pipes Cause Water and Mold Damage
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Frozen pipes can cause lots of damage in a short amount of time. Water expands when it freezes and quickly can create havoc in the most beautiful homes and buildings. This expansion process puts enormous pressure on the pipes. No matter how flexible the pipe material is, it can eventually break. And if it breaks we will have to call a plumber.

The pipes exposed to intense temperatures are the first to freeze. Such as pipes located in foundation walls, basements, attics, and crawl spaces. First of all, give extra care to pipes located on exterior walls. Especially during times of extremely cold temperatures and high wind. Hence, before a pipe break happens, we have to do something on our part to prevent it from happening. Because most water damage and mold problems can be avoided. By removing all or at least most of the water from the pipes. So that it will not expand and cause damage when it freezes.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

  • Have all pipes in cold areas properly insulated
  • Monitor interior temperatures to remain above freezing
  • Pour antifreeze in lines that will be subjected to freezing temperatures
  • Open taps to allow for a slow and steady stream of water

Also, it is best to locate all of the water shut off valves. So you are prepared in an emergency situation.

In addition to interior prevention. It is optimal to prevent freezing of exterior water lines as well. You can install high pressure compressed air fittings or “end of the line” drain valves. For external piping and irrigation lines in areas suffering from freezing. The air compressor accessories will allow you to blow all the water out of the high-pressure airlines. So they are empty for the winter season. Keeping the water in the flow and maintaining the clearance of the drainage lines will help in avoiding the freezing.

What to Do During a Water Leak?

Taking quick action is the very step to minimizing damage resulting from freezing pipes. Immediately contracting water damage restoration services is the first step to removing the water and preventing mold. If water damage is not remedied within 48 hours, it is recommended to contact a mold remediation company. A water damage company will not have the experience necessary to deal with mold contamination. Remember mold forms quickly. Thereby affecting your home or office’s indoor air quality. That is why you want to contract with a certified and experienced mold professional.

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