Fresh Start Takes Action for Local Foster Kids
June 20, 2018 Comments Off on Fresh Start Takes Action for Local Foster Kids News Ben Fetzer

Lee’s Summit, MO – Ben Fetzer, the owner of Fresh Start Restoration. Has taken a personal approach to help foster kids in the Kansas City area.  His company is sponsoring the upcoming “Families 4 Kids Summer Picnic” event. The picnic is to promote a supportive community for existing foster families. Also, to create awareness and provide information for families interested in fostering. This event hits close to home for the Fetzer family. Because Ben and his wife have been active foster parents for almost 2 years. Also, they help facilitate a local foster parent support group, in partnership with the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home.

Taking Action for Foster Kids by Sponsoring “Families 4 Kids” Summer Picnic

More information about this event can be found on the Facebook event page:

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Families 4 Kids Summer Picnic – June 24th from 4 to 7 PM @ Legacy Park, Shelter #1, in Lee’s Summit, MO

We are looking forward to our “Families 4 Kids” Summer Picnic! This event is created for a dual purpose.

  1. To create a supportive community for existing foster families.
  2. To show our community how rewarding it is to give your family to kids in foster care.

Ben’s Personal Story Behind this Event

Most people emphasize on the kids in foster care. Instead, we want to emphasize the need for families. In a recent discussion with Ben. He said, “When my wife and I started our fostering journey we didn’t really know what to expect. We didn’t know other foster families at first and the process was overwhelming. I think if we had an opportunity to meet other foster families we would have loved it. In an informal, non-pressure setting like a picnic, it would have been invaluable. You can learn so much from families that are fostering.

Our own personal fostering journey was much different than we expected and other foster families were our support system. If we can help facilitate these relationships, we believe that we will be able to attract more prospective foster families.  Everyone’s journey in foster care is different. Because of all the unique variables regarding the kids and their cases. However, we all can learn from each other’s stories. We didn’t know much when we started 2 years ago but we did know one thing for sure. Our commitment was to give our family to a child who needed one.

We felt the importance of removing our own agenda from the equation. Our 9-year old biological son was right in the middle of the whole process with us. This has been as much a part of his decision as it has been ours. Since our license was approved. We have had 3 foster children and 12 foster kids for respite (short-term care to give foster parents a break). We just finalized the adoption of our foster son in May and our foster daughter last October. This process has not been without challenges, but it has been the most rewarding decision we have ever made! We thought this process was going to be all about impacting a child’s life. When in fact it is our lives that have been so deeply impacted. I am so glad we said yes and we cannot imagine our life any different!”

We Want to Take Action in Our Community

During the planning of this event, we asked Ben why promoting Families 4 Kids was so important to the community. He replied, “Helping vulnerable children that are in the midst of a complex system needs to be at the top of our list of priorities. Taking action in our community for vulnerable and disadvantaged children. Is one of the most important things we can do for our community. With an impact that can be seen now and in the future.

To help change the life of even one child. We can impact hundreds or even thousands of others throughout their lifetime. What is more important than providing a child safety, love and care? Many times, foster kids come into care with just the clothes on their back, full of fear of the unknown. What they all need is a safe and loving family to welcome them in the midst of trying times.” 

Inviting Families to a Dialogue

With the current trend of the foster care system, it is imperative that we see more families take action. Consider the reported increase in opioid drug use and maxed-out systems in both Missouri and Kansas. As recorded by many of our local news stations. Although the situation is saddening, failure to act upon this ongoing crisis is more disappointing. For that reason, our company has decided to shed more light on the situation. By sponsoring a picnic on June 24th, 2018 at Pavilion #1 in Legacy Park in Lee’s Summit, MO. This Families 4 Kids event aims to offer community support. To the local foster families within the Kansas City metro area. And to bring awareness to the need for more metro families to take part.

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