Emergency Water Damage: 5 Steps for Immediate Action

What to Do During an Emergency Water Damage Situation?

1. Locate Source & Turn Off Water. Shut off valves are standard and many times can be found in a number of places depending on what is leaking.  For main water supply lines, the valve is normally where the water line comes into the house.

2. Immediately turn off breaker at break panel, if water is close to any electrical outlets or switches. Do not walk through standing water that is up to the height of outlets or if any plugged in electrical device is on the floor.

3. Call FreshStart’s 24/7 Emergency Line at 816-287-4107While you are waiting for us to arrive begin documenting the damages with many photographs and videos.

4.Call your insurance company to check on coverage of damage and amount of deductible.

5. Restoration process begins upon the arrival of FreshStart technicians.  We will handle all paperwork with you, explain the restoration process and what you can expect.

Please note: The color of the water may begin to deteriorate to gray or black within hours or days altering the scope of work to be done.


Benefits of Quick Action in Emergency Water Damage Situations

– Decreases the possibility of mold growth starting
– Shortens and lessons interruptions to your life
– We will be able to salvage more materials with restoration and keep costs down
– Process your insurance claims faster 
– Minimize your losses and save you money!!!

We know that discovering water damage is stressful. We are here to minimize that stress and help you thru each step of the way. Our certified and experienced project managers will thoroughly assess your situation. Providing you with details of what needs to be done, costs involved and a clear plan on how to resolve. In addition to providing the restoration services, we will work with your insurance company directly. When it comes to water and flood damage restoration services, the choice for quality and experienced professionals is clear. Preventing mold and additional property damage is always the number one priority for every water and flood damage restoration specialist.

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