Dryer Vent Cleaning: The Top Fire Prevention Tip
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What is the big deal with dryer vent cleaning? There are a hidden fire hazard and a threat to your house…it’s your dryer vent. Unfortunately, many of the users fail to prevent fire which occurs in the dryer vent. Such circumstances usually arise because of negligence. It is important to keep the dryer vents clean. As the blockage and uncleanliness of dryer vent can cause a fire.

#1 Method to Reduce Fire Risk: Dryer Vent Cleaning

However, among hundreds of fire prevention tips, dryer vent cleaning comes on number one. To ensure your home’s safety, it is required to clean your dryer vents in a timely manner. A recent report by the US Fire Administration stated that every year. More than 2900 ‘house on fire’ cases occurs because of clothes dryers. This merely happens because of the negligence of the owner. Homeowners fail to maintain their dryers, low maintenance is, unfortunately, a leading cause.

How do you prevent home fire?

Sending the flue gases directly into the drying air is a cause of fire initiation. Particles, like garbage, mold, dust, and grease near the dryers can cause the ignition and the unit can catch the fire. To avoid an incident, filters are added to the dryer vent to stop particles. Moreover, if the filters become clogged, they can themselves become fire generators. So, it is very important to clean the dryer vent in order to prevent the fire.

  • It is important to have a basic dryer vent cleaning kit at home. If you can’t afford cleaning services, then this kit would fulfill the purpose. However, buy a reliable kit. That comes with different cleaning brushes specially designed for dryer vent cleaning. Below are some of the basic points that you should consider in order to avoid home fires.
  • Make sure to properly clean the dryer lint every time you dry the clothes in a larger quantity. If you experience an irregular delay in drying the clothes in the dryer. A warning signal shows that exhaust duct is blocked.
  • Make some time from your busy schedule and clean the dryer vent periodically along with an exhaust duct cleaning. While cleaning and maintenance, make sure that the exhaust duct is passing the air without any blockage. If you feel that your dryer is not releasing the air properly. That means that the exhaust duct is blocked. Remove it from the dryer vent, clean with the prescribed brush and attach it again.
  • Verify the dryer is plugged into the correct plug. With the required voltage and electrical needs.
  • It is important to get your dryer vent checked once in a while by a professional.

Take special care into account while drying clothes with varying chemicals such as; gasoline, cooking oil, grease, or stains. If possible, make sure to wash your clothes twice with strong detergents and then dry them in a dryer. This process ensures no extra grease or oil particles left in the dryer. Otherwise, such greasy particles can hold up in the dryer vent and lead to blockage and home fires.

Routine Dryer Maintenance

Timely maintenance of dryer vent can save your time and keep your home safe from fire. Follow the steps to ensure your family’s safety. The majority of prevention starts with daily maintenance. Keeping the dryer in working condition means that you should clean the dryer on a priority basis. Cleaning not only reduces the risk of damage to the dryer vent, but it also helps in preventing the fire.

It is important to note that the dryer has easy access to its interior parts. So, it becomes easy for you to clean and maintain it properly. It is advisable to have safe ladders to access the different interior parts of the machine.

Dryer Vent Cleaning helps in preventing the fire. In fact, we must say that It is the best fire prevention tip. It is good to have a proper repair program for cleaning the dryer vent system. If it is not possible to have specialized personnel for this task, make it sure that prior arrangements are made. To do this in order to keep it in working condition.

Annual Dryer Cleaning Maintenance

Before starting the cleaning of the dryer vent. It is important to check all the interior parts of the dryer such as the fans. All the moving objects must have lubrication by using the recommended oils. Respective manufacturers’ manuals need consulting before completing. Likewise, cleaning the filters, the burner, & the combustion chamber is the essential task of putting the dryer on function. After doing all the cleaning, the burner of the dryer vent must be turned off. While leaving the fans running for 45 to 60 minutes.

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