DIY Steps to Clean Mold Off a Leaky Window

leaky window

If your leaky window sill is covered by drapes or furniture, you may not notice mold until it is a significant problem. You should identify the type of mold before you consider DIY removal, but if you insist on removing it yourself, there are a few precautions you can take to make sure you are not harmed in the process.

6 Steps to Resolve Leaky Window Mold

1. Wear protective clothing

The first step before handling mold is to make sure you are wearing protective clothing. This includes gloves and N-95 or P-100 respirators to prevent inhaling the mold spores. Also, wear old clothing. It should be washed thoroughly or thrown away after mold removal. Goggles will prevent any mold spores or chemicals from entering the eyes.

2. Vent the room

Point a box fan out the window to get airflow moving in a direction outside of the home. Any errant spores will be properly removed this way instead of spreading throughout the home.

3. Moisten spores

When you are removing carpet or other items around the window sill where mold may have spread, wet it down with any type of sprayer first. This will weigh down the spores, so they don’t travel through the air.

4. Check the wood around the sill

Scrape the wood around the window sill in order to ensure that mold has not penetrated it. If it has gotten into the walls, insulation will need to be removed. In order to remedy the mold issue, all the mold must be removed. In cases where the damage to the window sill appears extensive, you might want to consider hiring window installation experts in cary nc or wherever you live to help you install a new window in your home.

5. Seal walls following cleaning

Once you are certain that all the mold has been removed with mold cleaner, seal the walls to make sure there is no remaining moisture. This can be painted on.

6. Don’t contaminate with a vacuum

You will likely need to use a shop vac for mold removal, but the main unit cannot be kept indoors because spores will travel through the air. Place the vacuum outside the window and bring the hose in for use. Following the clean-up, throw away the filter and clean the unit well. If you are still hesitant to clean the windows by yourself, you can contact a window-cleaning expert from a denver window cleaning company or a similar service provider in your area. The cleaning experts from these firms tend to be experienced and can clean the windows without the risk of contaminating the windowpane with mold spores.

Tips for When to Hire a Mold Pro for Your Leaky Window Mold

There are many steps to mold removal when it enters the home. A moldy window sill may seem like a simple cleaning project, but it can be dangerous if not done properly. Especially if the molded area is larger than 10 square feet or if the toxic black mold is present. You must use proper equipment and be ready to throw away any contaminated items. Calling a specialist will ensure that mold removal is done properly, efficiently, and safely. The inconvenience and dangerous nature of mold removal greatly outweigh the cost of professional mold removal.