Concrete Roofs Cause Water & Mold Damage
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Rethinking the Pros & Cons to Concrete Roofs

The discovery of mold in your home is a serious health problem for your family and visitors. Concrete roofs are prone to mold growth. Once you discover mold in your home, the problem has been compounding over a long length of time.

Concrete roofs are supposed to last a lifetime. However, their installation is tricky and if not done 100% perfectly, it will cause slow water leaks that result in hidden mold. This issue is common in homes with concrete roofs. So, perfect installation is very much necessary in order to avoid any kind of signs of mold. To know how to deal with the problem of roof damage, it is necessary to determine its nature and character. The types of leaks in the roof are also known as precipitation, the cause the damage due to:

  • Rain: If the roof leaks when it rains or shortly after it, it is likely to suffer damage roofs or floors from depressurizing vertical adjacency places. Flat roofs often occur due to the tension of their foundation, which is due to the slab displacement as a result of the natural progress of the foundation.
  • Snow: The Mold Problems are associated with the melting process of snow on the roof. Melting of the water freezes in the eaves of the roof, in the gutters, and causes problems. The resulting frost blocks the flow of water, which leads to roof leaks in the joints.

Micro-Crack in the Roof Cause Lots of Damage

Most often concrete roof leaks are caused by Micro-Cracks in the roof. Microcracks are most often not seen with a visible eye. The majority of leaks that have occurred from concrete roofs have been in weak areas like seems, joints, and flashing areas of the roof. 

The best method is prevention. Unfortunately, many times homeowners do not realize that there is a problem with their roof company or installation until years later. It is highly recommended to hire contractors with a minimum of a 10-year history. Ask for references to jobs that they completed 10+ years ago.

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