Practices of Mold Companies to be Aware Of

Sometimes mold companies make use of the scare tactics. Either providing misinformation or embellishing facts and allows them to sound knowledgeable. Even worse they scare people into contracting their services. Many independent microbial investigations note the abuse in the mold remediation industry as rampant. Just like many other industries, scare tactics are used to convince people to use their goods or services. The mold industry unfortantly utilizes the same practices. There are a number of things that people should know before hiring a mold contractor

The Tone of the Mold Companies Advertising

One of the primary things we encourage customers to do is to take notice of the tone used throughout a company’s advertising. Some websites use scary pictures especially of microscopic mold spores which scare people. They also use phrases like ‘killer mold’, “deadly mold” this could be a signal that they are just trying to scare the public. Some companies may decide to over-emphasize the potentially dangerous effects of the molds vs. educating the public on the effects of mold. Yes, it is necessary to take precautions with mold. However, if the company or its representatives over emphasize getting sick after being around the mold, it could just be a scare tactic. Any form of language

Use Caution with Companies that Overemphasize Testing

It is becoming a common practice among mold companies, especially franchises, to require testing prior to removal. There are two primary concerns with this approach. Also, these same companies tend to do their own post-testing after remediation. Both practices have serious concerns. Let’s discuss each:

1. Pre-Testing When Mold Is Visible

Pre-testing when mold is visible is an unnecessary expense. Most often it is required by companies as a money-making ploy. Even the CDC states that when mold is visible that testing the mold is unnecessary. Because all mold becomes toxic with time. So, knowing the type of mold prior to removal is really unnecessary. Instead, testing should be utilized whenever mold is suspected, but not visible. Or after mold remediation has been completed to verify the air quality is safe.

2. Risk of Altered Test Results with Pre-Testing

It is crucial to note that remediation companies make the majority of their profit on mold removal. So, if they are testing prior to their own removal project there is a risk for exaggeration. The charges for mold removal are based on the size of the contaminated area. So, if they are doing their own testing they have the ability to alter the recommended area for remediation. Hence, risking an exagerated remediation and charges.

3. Post-Testing Their Own Work Allows for Results to Be Manipulated

Mold companies that do their own post-testing should be avoided as they may be faced with the conflict of interest. The post-test results are vitally important to ensure the air is properly cleaned and that no mold spores are airborne. For companies that test their own work, it leaves room for the ability to manipulate the results.