Cinnamon: Strengthen Your Immune System

Who doesn’t love the smell of warm cinnamon? Nothing makes a house feel like home, especially during the holidays, like the smell of cinnamon! Before we dive into all of the wonderful benefits of cinnamon; first let’s take a look at a common cause for a weakened immune systemIt is becoming more and more understood by the medical community of the connection between mold exposure and chronic illnesses. Previously, experts believed that the effects of mold exposure were limited to respiratory problems. However, over the last 5 years, the medical community has obtained a greater understanding of the long-term effects and chronic illnesses that people suffer with as a result of mold exposure. Part of this new knowledge has revealed how mold exposure can cause the immune system to become severely compromised. As the mold concentration increases and populates your surroundings, the spores released in the air are a serious threat to your health. Mold produces minute spores that are carried into your respiratory system when you inhale. The longer the exposure the greater the effects.

How Cinnamon Strengthens the Immune System

Having a strong immune system is a key element for healthy living. A compromised immune system can result in autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, and even cancer. At times immunodeficiency can occur when the immune system is less active than normal, resulting in recurring and life-threatening infections. Your immune system is the most important line of defense your body has and when it has been compromised it is vitally important to actively address it and rebuild it back with as much strength and vigor as possible.

For a moment, let’s take a look at the benefits and makeup of strongest form of available, cinnamon bark essential oil. According to research, the list of benefits provided by a therapeutic essential oil of cinnamon bark is long. As much as we would love to name all of the wonderful benefits, we are focusing today on the strengthening the immune system. Cinnamon has strong antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet and antiviral properties, which makes it extremely useful for enhancing immunity. In particular, the major active ingredients in cinnamon bark essential oil has strong beneficial ingredients that include: eugenol, cinnamaldehyde, phellandrene, and methyleugenol. The main beneficial component of cinnamon oil is believed to be cinnamaldehyde, which comprises about 60 percent of the substance.

There are other supplements that promote a strong immune system. Some of the most popular options include probiotics, echinacea, enzymes, vitamin D, elderberry, ginseng, and ginger.