Choosing a Kansas City Mold Remediation Expert

How to Pick a Kansas City Mold Remediation Expert

Hiring the best Kansas City mold remediation expert is at the top of anyone’s list who is dealing with mold problems. Simply, you need to hire a mold remediation company to solve the problem.  It will be crucial to ensure that you have hired the right company to perform the task with quality and professionalism. Fresh Start is one of such companies that is involved in handling such a problem. Hiring the right company for the job makes one be assured that the task will be performed in the correct manner to ensure that once mold remediation has been done, to make sure that the problem will not resurface after completion of the work.

In order to find the right Kansas city mold remediation expert, it is necessary to look for a local company that is experienced. A local company many times will carry a much greater emphasis on being price competitive, warranty oriented and customer service focused than the national franchises. A company that has vast experience in mold remediation should be given the task to make sure that all the required and necessary steps are followed so as to do away with the menace of the molds. It does not matter what the issue that is leading to mold formation is, the company that is hired to carry out the remediation should have the expertise to solve problems so that they can stick to stick to all the standards of mold removal set by the EPA.

A company with the additional mold insurance coverage is vitally necessary. Many mold remediation companies only carry basic liability and this will not protect you in the event that mold remediation is not done properly. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the insurance certificate to make sure that the company is fully covered by special pollution insurance coverage. In addition, you should give great consideration to a company who certify their on-site supervisors. Many remediation companies will certify the company or the owner but will not spend the recommended training and certification on their field technicians. Meaning the people doing the work are not trained or certified. Common third-party certifications include NORMI, ICRA, IICRC. At Fresh Start, our owner Ben Fetzer is on-site supervising every job to ensure you are getting the highest quality of work and customer service possible.

You should ensure that there is no conflict of interest between the companies that are involved in inspection and the company that is involved in mold remediation. You should ensure that the two companies are not related to each other financially or any other way. The remediation companies which have vested interest in other companies should be avoided and a company that is ready to divulge the relationship that it has been it financial or otherwise to the contractors before signing an agreement with them to start work.

The decision about extra costs for the additional work that may come about should be discussed and agreed upon before the remediation company commences. An honest Kansas City mold remediation expert will always be upfront about pricing. Many times mold is found in joining areas that are not originally suspected as a problem. A quality contractor will ensure that you are properly communicated with each step of the way, with no surprise charged on your final bill.

In conclusion, as elaborated above, it is important to do research on the Kansas City mold remediation expert and their company before hiring one to carry out your project. The company that you should trust is one that is insured, certified experienced, and one with a strong customer review history on third-party sites like Google, Angie’s List, and more. In addition, we take pride in that we stand apart from all of our competitors throughout the Kansas City metro area, as a company that emphasis “owner involvement” on every job site, with every transaction and customer. So we can deliver to you the most outstanding quality and customer service availabe in the industry.