commercial mold

The Cost of Commercial Mold

You may be thinking about taking care of your mold problem yourself, and in some cases, this is okay. However, if you have a commercial mold problem, you should consider professional mold removal services. The cost of professional mold removal is much less than the… Read More »The Cost of Commercial Mold

winter mold

Winter Mold Risks

Harsh winters cause a lot of damage to residential and commercial buildings, and those damages can be worsened if mold is allowed to grow. This is why it is important to identify vulnerable spots on your building and inspect these areas whenever inclement weather poses… Read More »Winter Mold Risks

room without windows

Moldy Rooms without Windows

There are many reasons for no windows, but still, there are closets that have been turned into small offices and bathrooms that suffer improper exhaust systems. The center of the building is no place for a room without windows, but when this unfortunate circumstance occurs,… Read More »Moldy Rooms without Windows