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Mold Fall Allergies – How to Survive the Season
October 12, 2016 House Mold,Indoor Air Quality,Mold Symptoms Ben Fetzer

Surviving the Sneezin Season of Mold Fall Allergies Do you find yourself dreading the change of seasons from summer to fall? Because you’re about to struggle with allergies. While everyone around you seems to be excited about the weather getting cooler, warm sweaters, hot drinks and the gorgeous colors of fall, you wish summer would

Will Buying a Mold House Save You Money?
August 29, 2016 House Mold,Mold Removal,Real Estate Ben Fetzer

How You Can Save Money When Buying a Mold House Yes, mold does cost money to repair. Does saving money from a problem peak your interest? We have helped many homeowners do exactly that. By knowing a few tips and tricks; you can legitimately increase your net worthwhile at the same time solve a mold

A Detailed Overview of Air Purifiers
October 1, 2014 Indoor Air Quality,Mold Symptoms Ben Fetzer

At no other time in history have air purifiers been more important for good health than now. As our outdoor environment deteriorates so does our indoor environment. With tighter and more energy-efficient homes we have been able to regulate temperature control more effectively. At the same time, trapping more indoor air pollution than ever before.

Sump Pump Failure Cause Water Damage
August 13, 2014 Basement,Cause Mold,Property Maintenance Ben Fetzer

Sump Pump Failure is One of the Top Causes of Water Damage Damage in Basements It’s August in Kansas City but it already is beginning to feel like the beginning of fall with refreshing cool weather and heavy rains starting to come with frequency.  As rains come to our area it’s important for every homeowner to

Is Your Home Covered? Insurance Problems
August 5, 2014 About Mold,House Mold Ben Fetzer

Having Insurance Problems with Claims Not Being Covered? It seems that insurance problems are a more common complaint we hear from homeowners.  Because in our industry of water damage and mold removal, we deal with a lot of insurance problems and insurance companies.  They all have their quirks and different level of difficulties.  However, there

How to Know When it is a Mold Scam?
July 23, 2014 About Mold Ben Fetzer

Mold Scam? What to Believe? Producing fear to motivate people is everywhere in our modern society, especially during a mold scam.  Unfortunately, it has been determined that people respond to fear. The unethical practice of using fear to motivate people’s decision is an ever-increasing sign of the times we live in. Because fear-driven sales motivate

Conflict of Interest: Mold Testing and Remediation
July 21, 2014 Indoor Air Quality,Mold Testing Ben Fetzer

Should Mold Testing and Remediation be Done By the Same Company? Here in Kansas City, there are a lot of mold remediation companies. Also, environmental testing companies that are performing both mold testing and remediation services.  This topic is still being debated. I feel it is necessary to initiate some renewed conversation about the potential

Bleach Kills Mold – Debunked
July 20, 2014 Mold Removal,Property Maintenance,Top Articles Ben Fetzer

Bleach Kills Mold…Think Again! For generations, people have believed that bleach kills mold.  The truth is “Bleach only Bleaches Mold’s Color but Antimicrobials Kill Mold”.  Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is an old and misunderstood chemistry. That has been used for many years to clean up mold in all kinds of applications.  Many people boldly and confidently tell

12 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home
June 4, 2014 House Mold,Indoor Air Quality,Mold Symptoms Ben Fetzer

Yes, you can improve indoor air quality with simple tips. Because problems within your home or office building can occur from moisture, insects, pets, appliances, radon, materials in cleaning products, furnishings, smoke, and many other sources. Also, indoor air quality can affect your life from minor annoyances to major health risks. There are a variety

Sewer Backup Causes Nasty Property Damage
April 20, 2014 About Mold,Commercial,House Mold Ben Fetzer

Sewer backup damage is the most undesirable water damage that can happen in your home or office. Furthermore having a professional doing the cleanup and restoration work for you can save you time and ensure the health of your family, employees, and patrons. Do not try to experiment or complete the cleanup on your own.

Downtown KC High-Rise Basement Flooded
April 15, 2014 About Mold,Basement,Commercial,News,Rental Properties Ben Fetzer

Middle of the Night Call for a Downtown Kansas City High Rise Building’s Basement Flooded. Due to a City Construction Project on the Street in Front of the Luxury Condominium When a large commercial building’s basement flooded in a matter of minutes, it was all hands on deck. The basement flood occurred due to a

A Landlord’s Flat Roof Leak Nightmare
April 15, 2014 About Mold,House Mold,Mold Removal,Rental Properties,Roof and Gutters Ben Fetzer

A Roof Leak from the Pit of Hell One spring evening a customer called the Fresh Start office and spoke with a 24/7 on-call technician. About investigating a roof leak at one of her rental properties in Kansas City. She had already had several occurrences of the roof leaking. However, she never worried about it.

Equipment Rental for Water & Mold Damage
April 15, 2014 About Mold Ben Fetzer

Equipment Rental for Water and Mold Damage Projects Equipment rental during a water or mold damage project is common. At Fresh Start, we own and operate all of our professional-grade restoration equipment. To reduce humidity. Scrub the air of impurities such as mold spores. So, if you are in the midst of a mold project