Should I Buy a House with Black Mold?

Pros and Cons of Buying a House with Black Mold

A house with black mold is more common in the Kansas City metro area than you might think. Mold has for many years been a consistent problem in many houses around moist places. The appearance of mold in any house is unsettling. Before you buy a house with black mold, you should consider factors such as your health, available budget and the urgency of getting the house.

When making a decision on whether to buy a house with mold, the remediation of the mold should be considered first. There can be serious health problems if the mold in the house is not properly removed with care by a certified professional. A house with a lot of black molds should never be considered safe to be removed by general contractors or DIY methods. Most of the varieties of mold are toxic with the black mold being one of the more serious mold types.

The available budget is also a factor to consider when buying a house with black mold. When buying a house with mold, you have a bargaining power that enables you to receive a significant discount on the house. Buying a good house without mold is very expensive making it impossible for everyone to afford them.  Hence, having an opportunity to buy a house at relatively less price is a good idea. Many cases of mold are treatable and can be prevented. The moisture source causing black mold can be removed before the house is occupied and measures to prevent future occurrences be adopted. However, when buying a house, you should consider the cost that would be required to inspect and repair the mold problem. Costs of repair include cleaning, treating, and removing any contaminated items.

The urgency of getting the house is another factor that should be considered before buying a house with black mold. This is because if a house has black mold, it requires time to investigate its source to know the extent of the problem and its occurrence. It is not advisable to buy a house before doing house and mold inspection because the problem might be bigger than it seems at first. You should not take the seller’s word concerning the presence of mold; personal inspection should be the first priority. Even with a discount being provided, an inspection helps to avoid getting into a deeper problem that might cost more to remedy. Besides, enough time ensures the buyer has more confidence in the house he or she is buying and this prevents future potential quarrels with the seller.

Buying a house with mold sounds stressful. However, if you take the proper precautions to hire a high-rated professional mold removal company that has a solid warranty program. In summary, the house is also worth buying if the costs of repairs and inspection are less than the discount provided.