5 Place Mold Grows (That You May Not Think About)

I was scrolling through the internet yesterday, and I saw an article about mold growing in water bottles. It reminded me of how many places mold can grow that we don’t think about. Understanding some of the less obvious places mold can grow helps to be vigilant in cleaning these areas, so you don’t suffer the loss of personal belongings.

1. Water Bottle

If you’ve ever had a water bottle with one of those soft spouts you have to squeeze to get out water, then you probably already know water bottles collect mold. To be honest, you should replace those spouts or nozzles every once in a while. There is not a good way to keep them clean. However, water bottles can also collect mold around the rim of the bottle. This happens because people leave water bottles in the car or at the office, and they just don’t get cleaned that often. Gross…yes. Normal…yes. Preventable…yes.

2. Your Fridge’s Drip Tray

This is more of a public service announcement or a reminder to clean your fridge’s drip tray. We all know it gets gross, but it sometimes has to get pretty gross before it gets cleaned. It is so nice to have a water dispenser, but remember that it introduces opportunity for mold growth.

3. Shoes

If you didn’t know shoes can be moldy, then good. But it isn’t always poor hygiene that causes mold to grow on shoes and clothing. If you have moisture in the room, clothing items will soak it up, and this makes them the new home for spores to multiply.

4. Behind the Bathroom Mirror

When you take a hot shower, you run the fan, so moisture doesn’t accumulate. However, you probably don’t lift or remove the mirror to make sure it stays dry behind it. Voila! Mold haven.

5. Around the Window

Sometimes window sills are neglected, and that may be because a bed frame or dresser is blocking it. It must be cleared once in a while, so it can be cleaned and inspected for water damage. If there is black mold, you may need to call a mold remediation specialist to make sure it isn’t in the wood, carpet, and even in your bed.

Mold can grow anywhere, and it will if you give it the chance. Consider all the places you may accidentally leave water or moisture, and you’ll know what areas of the home (or water bottles) to keep dry and clean in order to remove the risk of mold.

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