4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Vacation
July 12, 2017 Comments Off on 4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Vacation House Mold, Prevent Mold, Property Maintenance Ben Fetzer

Don’t Forget to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

1. Set Thermostat and Lock All Windows

Heating and cooling are almost always a home’s largest source of energy use. First of all, adjusting your thermostat is the number one item to prepare your home for vacation. There is no reason to spend money unnecessarily when you’re out of town? It is advised to set your thermostat appropriately while on vacation; not to exceed 20 above or below the usual setting. You should keep your home’s temperature stable while you’re away. Whether in summer or winter, in order to prevent condensation, frozen pipes or other potentially damaging effects.

It is valuable to lock all windows to prevent entrance of anything that may damage your property. If you are used to leaving the blinds open then do so on vacation. This prevents the house from looking as if there is something abnormal going on.

2. Set Lights on the Timer and Set the Alarm

A view of a house that is dark through several nights gives the indication that the occupants are not around. Because timers turn lights and electronics on and off at set times.

Also, in addition to lights, it is advisable to use timers on electronics. Like radios and televisions to create some noise that will indicate the presence of someone in the house. Look out for the best timers in the market that suit your needs. Because there are several that pair with smartphones for remote access. Alarms within the home will keep off intruders and give an alert on suspicious activities.

3. Tell Neighbors You are Leaving

Asking good neighbors is essential to prepare your home for vacation when you are away. Because telling them you will away help for a vigilant watch for any suspicious activities around the home. Neighbors or trusted friends also come handy in collecting mail and packages on your behalf to keep them safe. It is not advisable to broadcast your vacation. First of all on social media as this informs trespassers and burglars that you are out. All vacation posts can be made after the vacation to avoid worries about the safety of your home.

4. Ensure all Appliances are Turned Off

In cases where one does not have electronic timers. Then it is sensible to unplug all the electronic appliances. Such as computers, radios, coffee makers, electric kettle and television sets. It is HIGHLY recommended to ensure that the dishwasher, ice makers, and washing machines are turned off. This prevents unnecessary water damage risks. Because this encourages the saving of power usage. Also, it protects from electrical surges that may cause damage to the appliance or fire outbreaks.

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