12 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home

improve indoor air quality

Yes, you can improve indoor air quality with simple tips. Because problems within your home or office building can occur from moisture, insects, pets, appliances, radon, materials in cleaning products, furnishings, smoke, and many other sources.

Also, indoor air quality can affect your life from minor annoyances to major health risks. In order to have excellent air quality at home, you might need to install high-quality air conditioners in your rooms. If they are already installed, you may want to get them cleaned and repaired in regular intervals by hiring a local service provider (have a look at ac repair willis tx). Along with that, there are a variety of remedies but they all consist of the same things including proper ventilation, cleaning, moisture control, and more.

12 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality of Your Home:

  1. House cleaning with an emphasis on reducing dust, pet hair and dander
  2. Bi-Annual service of air conditioning and heating units
  3. Clean air vents every 2-3 years with a professional company that uses only negative pressure vent cleaning.
  4. Repair any plumbing issues or foundation leaks. Because that could produce moisture
  5. Implement the use of humidistats to monitor humidity levels
  6. Prevent the buildup of clutter and dust
  7. Have an annual inspection of crawl spaces, basements & attics
  8. Use hood fans and exhaust fans frequently
  9. Use green-friendly household products vs. chemicals
  10. Run HEPA air purifier throughout your home for air purification
  11. Have carpets cleaned annually
  12. Change HVAC filters every 3 months

Signs of Indoor Air Quality Problems:

  • Unusual or noticeable odors
  • Stale, stuffy air or Noticeable lack of air movement
  • Allergy or illness during the use of HVAC system
  • Excessive humidity or signs of mold or mildew
  • Health reaction after remodeling. So, weatherizing, using new furniture, using household products or moving into a new home.
  • Also, feeling noticeably healthier outside

We recommend those with indoor air quality issues to have an evaluation by a professional. Also, you may choose to have air samples taken for testing to determine the level of possible toxins in the air. Having your home or office visibly inspected by a professional can go long ways in trying to determine the cause of poor indoor air quality issues. We also recommend the use of air purification equipment in addition to the list of recommendations below.