Commercial Mold Removal Solutions

commercial mold removal and remediation

Because hassle-free customer experience is required for you to continue smooth business operations. The lifeblood of any Kansas City business is the ability to continue serving customers. Operating can continue while addressing the mold remediation your property needs. Therefore, our focus is to prioritize minimal disruption to your business. While at the same time, providing the highest level of commercial and office mold removal solutions. Thereby, creating safe resolutions for your staff and customers by providing and maintaining a clean air environment in large open spaces.

Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold Removal and Mold Remediation

At FreshStart, we prefer to discuss toxic mold removal and remediation in two words. “Safe” and “controlled”.  All customers respond with one prevailing thought whenever mold is found. Remove it! Quickly!”  Similarly, as the person who has some sharp object lodged in their body. Medical professionals tell us to seek a doctors help, because uncontrolled removal of the object will only cause further damage. Likewise is the case with mold removal as well. If caution is not exercised during the removal of mold contamination, harm to the property & occupants could be a result. 

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing

attic insulation

Inadequately insulated attics account for over 40% of home energy loss! Standard building practices over the last 30 years have used on average only 10 to 12 inches of attic insulation. So the majority of homes in the metro area do not even have the minimum recommendation of 15 inches / R-39 rating. We can simply add any additional depth needed on top of existing insulation that is in good condition. Adding an additional 10 to 15 inches is very inexpensive. Yet, the cost savings are notable. Utility savings pay for the insulation install in six months or less!

The Fresh Start Approach

At Fresh Start, our primary objective is to educate you, our customers! Our industry is full of unethical business practices and fear-driven sales tactics! So, at Fresh Start we emphasize customer education. By providing you with the insiders industry information you can make an informed decision that puts your interest as the top priority. Therefore, we have designed our website to be full of information, where you can learn all about mold!

At Fresh Start, our primary desire is to serve each of you with excellence! Above all, providing you with a hassle-free customer experience that will make you proud to say that you would hire us again! As a result, we have been providing mold solutions throughout the Kansas City metro area since 2008! While serving both residential and commercial communities of our metro area.

At FreshStart, we provide free on-site estimates. With a service-oriented no-hassle approach. Furthermore, we will view your area of concern, provide our professional recommendations and provide a written estimate. So, feel free to contact us to speak with one of our mold professionals today!

choosing a mold company

What Our Customers Say

Excellent Company /Dayna N. of Overland Park, KS

Excellent Company! Completely professional and efficient. Ben and Ben and the rest of the crew did an awesome job getting the mold cleaned out of our basement and rebuilding the stairs. Very nice guys that know what they are doing! I highly recommend Fresh Start!!! We are very pleased with our fresh clean basement!! 5 Stars!

Very Professional & Honest /Jenn S. of Keller Williams Realty

Ben with Fresh Start has done work on several of my properties. He and his team have been very professional and honest and got the work done in a quality way. These guys tell you honestly what needs to be done and if you don’t need much they tell you that to….very refreshing in this kind of business to find honest people. I highly recommend these guys without hesitation and have made them my preferred vendor. 5 Stars!

Very Competitive on Pricing /Mike R. of Parkville, Misosuri

They did a fantastic job of removing old insulation and installing new paper backed insulation in our walkout basement. They were professional and very polite. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has moldy insulation that needs to be removed and replaced. They were very competitive on their pricing. I would say that I got more than my moneys worth from this great company. 5 STARS!!

Exceptional Professionalism /Jill T. of Mission Hills, KS

Ben Fetzer, the owner of Fresh Start Restoration, is exceptional in his professionalism, communication skills, and work ethic. He was on the job with his crew every day, They were very respectful of our home, leaving things tidy each day. Ben went over and beyond making sure all aspects of our job were handled properly. He is just a wonderful person who I would recommend every time. 5 STARS!!!


CALL NOW Since 2008, Fresh Start has proudly served the Kansas City metro area with a 5-Star rating! With a customer education focus, we can answer all of your questions! Simply call today to speak with one of our certified & experienced mold professionals!

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